#B1- Welcome AvPD

Welcome AvPD Community :)
Hey AvPD Community,  I’m QG, aka Quiet Girl!  Welcome to my blog on AvPD! I gave myself the nickname Quiet Girl because every since I can remember I have been asked this question, “Why are you so quiet?”. Is this just me or does this sound familiar to you? In addition,  I decided to be anonymous because my AvPD brain made up another irrational story that someone from my job would somehow out of the thousands of blogs find my blog, and one day because they secretly never liked me, will share my diagnosis with everyone in my office, and I will be so shocked and embarrassed about how my coworkers would then think of me that I wouldn’t know what to do so I would either freeze or run out of the office crying, which would be my worst nightmare. So to protect myself from this misconceived danger I will remain anonymous because I’m still a work in progress:) Can you relate to having an AvPD brain???
What is AvPD?-  If you don’t know now you know
I’m assuming if you are…